Coach Heath Eslinger
Last Friday at the Tribe Pride Arena at Chattooga High School, UTC Head Wrestling Coach and motivational speaker Heath Eslinger spoke to students, faculty and members of the community in what was billed as a “Testing Pep Rally”.  Coach Eslinger’s inspirational talk centered on the message that “Winners are Learners.”

Eslinger told the large crowd in attendance that we live life on potential and that our potential is often determined by the company that we keep.  Eslinger said that it is important to evaluate who we surround ourselves with.  He said, “You are the sum of the closest five people that you surround yourself with and that is who you become.” He ensured the  WINNERS are LEARNERS theme of his  speech by telling his listeners that athletics, jobs nor academics ensure success in life like the relationships with the people in your life.

He encouraged students to live up to their potential saying “If you give blame to others for what happens to your life you are not using your potential and not following your compass.”  Eslinger stressed that overcoming despair in life is what makes a person successful.  He told students that they need a compass for their journey in life, always moving towards hope and that they need good relationships with people that will help them reach their potential.

The event was well attended with several community and business leaders in attendance.