CHS One Tribe Night This Wednesday

Chattooga High School will host One Tribe Night this Wednesday, September 26 from 5:30-6:30pm. The event will focus on science and parents and community members will have an opportunity to participate in science experiments with their students. Food will be served from 5:30-5:45 and a presentation will take place at 5:45. The event is free and parents, students, and community.members are encouraged to attend.

BRAG Coming Through Summerville

The Bicycle Ride Across Georgia’s US Bicycle Route 21 is covering 160+ miles from Chattanooga to Atlanta September 28 – 30. The U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS) is a developing a network of officially numbered interstate bicycle routes that connect America’s cities, suburbs, and rural areas. Georgia recently joined the USBRS by designating a system of roads and trails as US Bike Route 21. In Conjunction with the Georgia DOT, The Atlanta Falcons, and Northside Hospital, BRAG is hosting the second annual ride.

The City of Summerville will proudly host this group of avid cyclists in Dowdy Park on Friday, September 28 for its third year. The group of cyclists will be arriving in Summerville at their own pace between 12 noon and 3:00 p.m. and have a great weekend of activities planned. Each day participants will have a ride in the morning that continues into the afternoon, followed by entertainment from their host town in the evening.

Riders will begin their journey at Tennessee River Park on Friday morning, where they will travel 59.4 miles from Chattanooga to Summerville at an elevation of 2,416 ft. Along the route there will be SAG support vehicles, They can be identified by the yellow BRAG flags they will be flying from the windows.

Riders will spend the day in Summerville, camping out in Dowdy Park. During their stay they will have the opportunity to tour Paradise Garden, enjoy an educational class, board a shuttle to local restaurants, shop local retail, and enjoy a concert in Dowdy Park.

Summerville Council Narrows Search For City Manager

Story by WZQZ’s Kevin Dooley

At last night’s special called Summerville City Council meeting, the council gave updates on the progress in hiring a new city manager.

After receiving 28 applications for the city manager position, the council narrowed down the applicants list to their preferred 5 on the 19th of this month. They plan to slim the list down to 3 by the end of this week, at which point they will begin contacting those three people to schedule interviews and get permission to run background checks. Mayor Harry Harvey is looking to have the interviews with the top 3 all take place within the time span of 2-3 days to keep each applicant fresh on the council’s mind when evaluating the others.

Councilmen Money and Martin both requested that the interviews be on a Monday and Tuesday, which the mayor said he will try to make happen if it does not conflict with the applicants.

City attorney Albert Palmour is currently drafting the contract for the applicant who is ultimately offered the job. The projected, tentative date for beginning final contract negotiations is October 16. However, the council is legally required to announce the names of the top 3 applicants being considered to the public at least 14 days before the final person is hired. The advertised salary range for the position is $82,000-100,000, but mayor Harvey said that the city can afford slightly more than that if they feel that the person is worth the investment.

The council also decided not to reimburse applicants coming in from out of town for travel expenses. Mayor Harvey said that the main reason to do is because it is not uncommon for other municipalities to do so, so the council would essentially be keeping up with competitors. However, no one on the council expressed any interest in offering the reimbursement. Councilman Pariss said that he felt like the expenses of looking for a job fall on that person and that travel expenses are just part of the investment; the entire council nodded their heads and no motion was passed, killing the proposal.

Today Is National Voter Registration Day

Today is National Voter Registration Day.  No matter which way you lean politically, one thing we all can agree on is that it is important to vote – and in order to do that you need to be sure that you are registered to vote.

There are a number of important statewide races on the ballot in November and Chattooga County voters will also be choosing three school board candidates for the Chattooga County Board of Education.

Americans across the nation celebrate this National Day on the fourth Tuesday in September. More than 300,000 Americans registered to vote in the inaugural National Voter Registration Day of 2012. The National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) established the first National Voter Registration Day on September 25, 2012.  In 2014, the NASS established the Fourth Tuesday of September as the official day for National Voter Registration Day.
The deadline to register to vote in the midterm elections in Georgia is October 9th.  To make sure you are registered to vote, click this link.

Summerville Police Investigate Allegations Of Inappropriate Contact

The Summerville Police Department is investigating an incident reported by a mother of an eleven-year-old girl.  The girl’s mother claims that a man identified only as “Shane” has contacted the woman’s daughter and asked the child to meet him.

According to a report from the Summerville Police Department, the man met the girl first in a gold Toyota Camry with a spoiler on the back.  A second encounter happened and the man was in a black truck.  The suspect was seen videoing the girl.  A third time the man was in a red Nissan Altima.

The girl’s mother confronted the man who said that he was gay and was not “interested” in the girl.

The incidents were reported on McGinnis Circle in Summerville.


Summerville Woman Dies in Whitfield County Car Crash

A Summerville woman lost her life in a single-vehicle accident in Whitfield County on Sunday.

According to reports from Whitfield County, the accident happened on LaFayette Road in Dalton around 9 PM on Sunday evening.

Fifty-six-year-old Dayna Lawson died after her vehicle crashed, according to Whitfield County Coroner Greg Bates.

Dalton Daily Citizen

Trees Down - Power Outages From Monday Rains

Chattooga County and Northwest Georgia were inundated with rain on Monday with reports of rainfall between 2-4 inches in some areas. The heavy rains brought down  some trees around the county and caused power outages.

A dead pine tree fell across a power line on Highway 48 near Shinbone Valley Road on Monday afternoon.

A tree fell on Williams Road and blocked the road which is located between Beavers Road and Trion-Teloga Road.  The fallen tree caused a power outage for around 45 customers shortly before 10 PM on Monday evening.  As of 4 AM Tuesday morning, there were still 2 houses without power on Williams Road.

Georgia Power reported a large power outage affecting customers west of Menlo in the Shinbone Valley Road area and customers at Cloudland from the Cherokee County, Alabama line, up Highway 337 into Walker County.   Around 650 customers were without power from around 11:50 PM.

As of 4 AM Tuesday morning, Georgia Power was working to restore power to the areas of Menlo and Cloudland and estimated the power would be restored by 5 AM.  North Georgia EMC was still working to restore power to the 2 customers on Williams Road.


Gas Prices Edge Down Slightly

Gas prices edged lower last week. Sunday’s national average price of $2.85 per gallon was one-tenth of a cent less than the week before. However, the average American is still paying 27 cents per gallon more than this time last year.

Gas prices in Georgia declined 1-cent during the past week. Sunday’s state average of $2.71 per gallon is 1-cent more than a month ago and 3 cents more than this time last year.

“Even though oil prices rose last week, prices at the pump slipped lower because of declines in gasoline demand,” said Mark Jenkins, spokesman, AAA – The Auto Club Group. “The latest figures from the EIA show weekly demand hitting 4-week lows. Combining this autumn trend with the recent switch to a cheaper-to-produce winter-blend gasoline, and prices at the pump could move even lower this fall. However, upward pressure persists due to concerns that there could be major crude supply challenges this fall, due to US-led sanctions against Iranian crude and sharp reductions in economically-stressed Venezuela.”

According to, the cheapest price for gas in Chattooga County as of Monday evening was at Murphy USA at $2.58 per gallon.  In Walker County, you can find gas as cheap as $2.51 per gallon at several different stations.  Floyd County prices were around $2.60 per gallon. In Cherokee County, Alabama you can get gas for $2.45 per gallon at Grub Mart in Centre and in Fort Payne you can find gas as cheap as $2.42 per gallon.


Blue Cross - Redmond Contract Ends Sept. 30th

Unless an agreement can be reached before September’s end, Hospital Corporation of America facilities and physicians — including Redmond Regional Medical Center and Cartersville Medical Center — will be out of network for thousands of Anthem BlueCross BlueShield of Georgia members in the state.

The current three-year contract between HCA and BCBS (the latter of which is rebranding itself under the new name ‘Anthem’) expires this Sunday, Sept. 30. That means that as of Oct. 1, HCA facilities and physicians will be out-of-network and customers will have to pay more for services there, unless an agreement is reached.

“Our number one priority during these negotiations is to ensure consumers have access to quality health care that is affordable. We continue to actively negotiate with Hospital Corporation of America to reach an agreement that will retain them in our care provider network beyond Sept. 30,” said a representative of Anthem.

Representatives from Redmond Regional and Cartersville Medical Center both gave the same pre-written response that offered no new information.

Anthem has notified its members of the situation and set up a webpage with details and frequently asked questions.

Under the section titled “Why is this Happening?”, Anthem puts the blame on HCA demanding higher increases than other facilities. Anthem state, “t’s also part of our job to help manage rising health care costs. One study shows the average cost of health care for a typical family of four was nearly $27,000 in 2017, compared to $14,500 in 2007.”

Anthem also say that HCA is trying to make more money off BCBS patients’ plans than its competitors.

“At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia, we believe in rewarding hospitals with reasonable increases – earned by delivering performance and quality. And most of the hospitals we work with are comfortable with that. But HCA is asking for more than similar hospitals in the area.”

What happens on Oct. 1 if no agreement is reached? Anthem will still be one of the largest health insurers in Georgia, and though some patients would hypothetically have to change doctors and service providers, they won’t have to look far.

“We are here for you, along with many high-quality providers in and around Georgia. You can find other providers in your plan online or by calling the Member Services number on your ID card.”

The website also states that if members are having a true emergency, they will have coverage at any hospital, just get to the nearest one. And if patients are in the middle of treatment with an HCA facility or physician, they may not have to switch but be able to work out a continuum of care plan.

For more information about possible impact to specific plans, click here:

Read Natalie Simms’ full article at Hometown Headlines.

Storm Causes Outages for Residents in Cloudland, South of Alpine

Sample Image

UPDATE: Georgia Power customers at Cloudland are still without power.  Georgia Power says that around 650 customers should have power restored around 4:45 AM this morning.  There are also around 46 customers in the Alpine area, south of Menlo without power who can expect power to be restored around 4:45 AM.


Due to heavy rain and thunder storms that began Monday night, nearly 700 Chattooga county residents may be experiencing power outages.

According to Georgia Power’s online outage map, nearly 650 Georgia Power customers in the Cloudland-Lookout Mountain area may be without power until at least 3 AM Tuesday morning.

Additionally, 40-odd customers south of the Alpine/Menlo area will be out of power indefinitely. For those residents, Georgia Power is currently still assessing the situation to give a projected restoration time.

To report an outage, visit this link, or if it is a dangerous/life-threatening condition, including downed power lines, call 1-888-891-0938 immediately.

Arrest Report - Monday - September 24, 2018

Here is the latest arrest report from the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office for Monday, September 24, 2018:

Drug Task Force Agents & U.S. Marshals Arrest Missouri Murder Suspect in NW Georgia

Authorities from Missouri traveled to Northwest Georgia this past weekend to pick up a murder suspect that was discovered at an apartment in LaFayette late last week.

Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit Drug Task Force Commander Pat Doyle says that twenty-seven-year-old Anthony William Neill was located inside the Langley Apartments on South Main Street in LaFayette.  Drug Task Force Agents were assisting the United States Marshal’s Service in the apprehension of the suspect.

Neill was wanted in Boone County, Missouri on second-degree murder charges after being accused of shooting thirty-one-year-old Randall King, Jr. in late August.  Another suspect in that homicide was already in custody.

While making the arrest of Neill, Drug Task Force Agents also arrested fifty-year-old Roger Glenn Eaton and charged him with possession of methamphetamine.

(WQCH / Compiled Reports)


One Dead After Early Sunday Morning Shooting In Rome

Sample Image

Rome Police say that one person is dead and three people were injured in a shooting that took place in the early-morning hours of Sunday.  Rome Police were responding to an E-911 call when they noticed a Jeep traveling at a high rate of speed towards Floyd Hospital.  At the hospital, police discovered that there were people who had been shot inside the Jeep.  The shooting took place on Calhoun Avenue in Rome.  Two people in the Jeep, identified as Evanda Spivey and Sammy Riles were suffering from gunshot wounds. Another gunshot victim was found at the scene of the shooting on Calhoun Avenue. Police say that Tamaine Deshaun McKnight died from multiple gunshot wounds. Another victim, Ladory Robinson was later located with multiple gunshot wounds.  The incident in still under investigation.  See the report from the Rome PD below:


On Sunday, September 23rd, 2018 at 4:20 a.m., E-911 advised that multiple subjects were calling about possible gunshots in the area of N. Broad St and Church St.

While in route to the area, Sgt. Hutchins observed a silver Jeep traveling at a high rate of speed pulling into Floyd Medical Center. He advised that the subjects inside the Jeep were shot.

After further investigation, Sgt. Hutchins advised the shooting took place in the area of 510 Calhoun Ave, close to the old bank, and that another subject was had possibly been shot there.

Two other subjects inside the Jeep at FMC were Evanda Spivey and Sammy Riles.

They both stated that they were running away when they were shot on the lot of 510 Calhoun Ave.

They were both treated at FMC and released.

Once on scene at 510 Calhoun Ave, a black male was located with multiple gunshot wounds lying in the parking lot. The subject was unresponsive, not breathing, and was not moving.

The subject had two semi-automatic pistols lying next to him.

He was later identified as Tamaine Deshaun McKnight.

Multiple shell casings were also located in the parking lot.

After securing the scene, E-911 stated that another shooting victim was at 21 Atteiram Drive. A male named Ladory Robinson was located with multiple gunshot wounds.

The scene was turned over to investigators for evidence collection.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Investigator Tony Yarbrough at 706-238-5124.


Summerville City Council Meeting Tonight

The City of Summerville’s search for a new city manager will take the center stage at the council’s meeting tonight.

When the meeting kicks off at at 5 PM in city hall, the council will discuss procedural details for whittling down the nearly 30-person applicant pool. Council members will vote on dates and times for one-on-one interviews with preferred candidates and will consider reimbursing travel expenses of applicants coming in from out of town. Mayor Harry Harvey has said that though the applicants are all “regional”, some are much closer than others.

WZQZ will have a reporter at the meeting to bring you the highlights in upcoming posts and newscasts.

The city has been working to fill the position’s vacancy since the passing of Tony Carroll, who held the position from 2016 until his death this past July. When Mr. Carroll went on medical leave in the spring to fight a second battle with cancer, former Summerville Water Treatment Plant superintendent Janice Galloway came on to fill in. Mr. Carroll lost his battle, and Mrs. Galloway agreed to serve as interim for ~$1,500/week until a long-term manager is hired.

Supt. Galloway has also since reprised her Water Treatment Plant superintendent role after dismissing Byron Riebow, who had held the position for under three months. She cited that Riebow was a poor fit for the city as her reason for letting him go. Georgia’s Environmental Protection Division approved of Galloway simultaneously serving as interim city manager and interim water treatment Plant superintendent, a subordinate position.

Mrs. Galloway is an applicant for the city manager position, but not for the water treatment plant superintendent position.

Car Belonging to Veteran with a Disability Stolen

According to the Walker County sheriff’s office, a 2006 Tacoma has been recently stolen in Jasper, GA.

The Tacoma belongs to a veteran with a disability. 400 gold dollar coins were inside the cab when it was stolen; the coins were used at a Jasper-area convenience store shortly thereafter. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Jasper police department (205-221-2121) or the Walker Co. sheriff’s office (205-302-6464).

In addition but unrelated to the Tacoma, a 2008 Toyota Camry LE was stolen in Jasper this past Friday as well. At the time of the theft, the license plate number on the vehicle was 1DA283. Any information can be called in to the Jasper PD or Walker CSO using the same phone numbers.

Sheriff Says Hurricane Relief Donations Have Been Slim

Sample ImageSample Image

Chattooga County sheriff Mark Schrader said on Sunday afternoon that there have not been as many donations to hurricane victims as expected. Schrader and his office began accepting donations- in the form of physical supplies- last week after being approached by several residents who expressed interest to Schrader in helping the victims of hurricane Florence in the Carolinas.

The Sheriff said that his office will continue to collect donations until Thursday (9/27) and pool whatever they have with the donations taken up by the Floyd county sheriff’s office. Items can be dropped off at the sheriff’s office front desk during the work week, or in the lobby of the Chattooga County Jail which is open 24 hours a day. The CSO has reached out to different charity groups and municipalities to determine where the items would best be put to use, but a decision had not been reached at press time. Wherever they decide, the sheriff and members of his department will personally deliver the items Monday after next (10/1).

The sheriff added in his post, “Just bring what you can. If we all give a little, it will be much! Thanks for all who have given and offered to volunteer.” To see the list of suggested items to donate, click here.

Cloudland Community Park Selling Burning Leaf Festival T-Shirts

Cloudland Community Park is taking orders for Burning Leaf Festival T-shirts. The shirts will be maroon and long-sleeved with a vintage-style distressed ivory design (see image below).

To order a shirt, you can send the festival’s organizers a message on their Facebook. When ordering, note size(s) needed, pickup method (either at the festival or by mail delivery), and payment method (either at the festival or online via PayPal).

They will be available for pickup at the Burning Leaf Festival on October 27. If you are picking up your shirt, you can pay at the festival or via PayPal. If you won’t be attending the festival but would still like a shirt, shipment orders will be taken, adding $5 for shipping. Shirts will be screen-printed and must be pre-ordered, unlike how they have been made on-site in previous years.

All proceeds go toward the upkeep and improvement of Cloudland Community Park.


  • Youth S, M, L – $20
  • Adult S, M, L, XL, 2XL – $20
  • 3XL, 4XL, 5XL – $25
  • Shipping – $5

Four Arrested For Shoplifting At Wal-Mart

Four men were arrested on Friday of this past week for a shoplifting incident that happened at Wal-Mart in Chattooga County.

According to preliminary reports, the four men – which included a father and son – are accused of stealing televisions and laundry detergent.  The four were able to get away from Wal-Mart with the stolen goods and were later stopped by Summerville Police.

Twenty-year-old Kaderius Bailey, nineteen-year-old Charles Reams III, forty-year-old Leon Wortham and forty-year-old Charles Reams II were all taken into custody after the purple van they were driving was pulled over by law enforcement.

The four men were booked into the Chattooga County Jail shortly after 8 PM on Friday.