Thursday’s weather should shape up to look a whole lot like Wednesday’s: after temperatures pick up from the high 40’s around 9 AM, they’ll hover around 60 for most of the day. When temperatures start to head back down for the night around 6, it should be just a touch chillier tonight than it was last night, getting down to about 38 F.

It’ll also be a bit windy around your noon lunch break today, getting around 7 MPH, but the wind will have all but stopped by the end of the work day, dropping down to 2 MPH for the rest of the night. Tomorrow will be more or less the same as today, but maybe just a little warmer and less windy.

Dark rainclouds will be moving in Friday night and Saturday morning to bring a hefty Saturday afternoon shower, with rain starting around noon and lasting until midnight. Wind could get as high Saturday as 15 MPH around 3 PM, and the rain should be heaviest around 6 PM.

Don’t forget that this is Winter Preparedness Week, and it’s the last week until we start moving into that bitter winter cold that always comes right around Thanksgiving. Be sure to be stocking up on emergency supplies and making sure all your animals aren’t out in the elements during the freezing cold Winter nights.