An Alabama man was arrested by Summerville police last week after they determined that he had given them his brother’s information during a previous arrest.

The Summerville Police Department launched an investigation into the suspect’s identity when Detective Brian Ozment realized that the man representing himself to be “Steven Matthew Myer” was not who he claimed to be.  The suspect was arrested by Summerville Police back in 2017 on methamphetamine possession charges.  At the time of his arrest, the suspect allegedly gave officers his brother’s name and birth-date.  The suspect even went so far as to pretend to be his brother during an arraignment in Chattooga County Superior Court.

Detective Ozment said that he was reviewing records from Myer’s home-county, Madison County, Alabama, and discovered that the photographs of the real Steven Matthew Myer did not match the ones from the man who was arrested by Summerville Police.  During the course of the investigation, Detective Ozment also found documents from the Chattooga County Jail where the subject had signed his brother’s name as his own.

The subject turned out to be twenty-eight-year-old Mason David Myer.  Warrants were obtained for Mason Meyer and he was arrested in the main courtroom of the Chattooga County Courthouse last week.  He is now facing charges of forgery, giving false statements and misrepresentation of his identity in bail and prosecution proceedings.