A Summerville male’s claim that county resident Glen Uebler had threatened his life with a handgun ultimately led to Uebler’s arrest on a different charge.

Around 3 AM last Sunday, a Summerville male walked into the SPD office claiming that ‘some guy’ had just threatened his life at gunpoint. The individual claimed he had jumped from a bedroom window to escape the man and ran straight to the police department.

A city police officer and the alleged victim travelled to a Hunt St. residence where the incident took place, where the officer met with Glen Uebler, the alleged offender.

The officer repeatedly demanded that Uebler come to the door, which he refused to do, saying, “No, this is not my house, I’m not going to open the door”. He also reportedly yelled for other residents in the house at the time to leave the living room, at which point they hid in other rooms of the house.

Reports state that both marijuana and methamphetamine were found in the incident.

Uebler was subsequently arrested with obstruction of law enforcement and booked into the county jail.