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Georgia Power announced yesterday that it expects to have service restored to 95% of customers impacted by Hurricane Irma, who can accept power, by Sunday night. The estimate is the result of a full-scale damage assessment which was completed Monday night and Tuesday as an essential step to efficiently and effectively allocate resources.

The hurricane, one of the strongest and largest storms to strike Georgia in decades, brought high winds, heavy rain and flooding to every county in the state and impacted service to nearly 1 million Georgia Power customers. Damage assessment and restoration efforts started in earnest once weather conditions allowed following the storm and, by Tuesday night, more than 60 percent (590,000 customers) of Georgia Power customers impacted by the hurricane had service restored.
The company estimates that thousands of customers in some of the hardest hits parts of the state may not be able to reconnect to Georgia Power service due to extensive damage. Property owners should contact a qualified electrician to make repairs to private property prior to reconnecting to service.
Restoration Update – As of 5 a.m. Wednesday 
  • Power has been restored to 590,000 Georgia Power customers across the state.
  • The company has already restored power to more than 60 percent of impacted customers who can accept power and expects to have power restored for nearly 95 percent of impacted customers who can accept power by Sunday night, Sept. 17.   
  • There are approximately 360,000 Georgia Power customers currently without power.
  • More than 12,000 cases of individual damage or trouble (including broken poles and lines) the company is working to repair.
  • Restoration teams continue to face challenges including downed trees, blocked roads and bridges that had be inspected by the state following flooding.