AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio will have a tribute to Don Williams coming up on Friday in the 2 PM hour and will rebroadcast the special on Saturday morning following the 8AM Newscast.

Don Williams, known as “The Gentle Giant”, passed away on September 8, 2017.  He spent over 35 years on the country music charts and became a perennial favorite of country music fans all around the world.

Williams was known for his crumpled hat, a cup of coffee and a cigarette in hand as he would sit on a stool and play for audiences all across the United States, Europe and he was also one of the few country music stars to extensively tour Africa.

The reaction to Williams death from the music world was enormous. Travis Tritt said, “So sad to hear that “Gentle Giant” Don Williams has died! What an incredible legacy of great music he leaves behind. May he rest in peace.”  Charlie Daniels stated, “Rest in peace Don Williams. You left us a lot great musical memories.”

Locally, State Court Judge Jon Dennis posted on his personal Facebook page about the passing of Don Williams and asked his Facebook friends to post their favorite Don Williams song and why they liked it.  People from all walks of life responded to the post with some of their personal memories of how Don Williams’ songs touched their lives.

Join AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio for a tribute to Don Williams coming up on Friday at 2 PM and again on Saturday morning following the 8 AM Newscast.  Jimmy Holbrook and Jon Dennis will play some of Don Williams best loved songs and talk about “The Gentle Giant.”