Yes, that Burt Reynolds. The man who defined for a generation of how American men approached their masculinity will be at the 2017 Rome Film Festival (RIFF) to present a screening of Smokey and the BAndit and Dog Years on two separate days. Click read more for more info.

The 2017 Rome International Film Festival (RIFF) is pleased to announce that Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Burt Reynolds will be a special guest at the  14th annual festival, taking place November 9-12, 2017. Mr. Reynolds will present a screening of SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT on Saturday, November 11 and DOG YEARS on Sunday, November 12.

“I love Georgia! I call it my ‘lucky state.’ I’ve made a bunch of pictures there and hope to make
more,” said Burt Reynolds. “I’m very proud that Rome International Film Festival will be
showcasing two of my films. I look forward to sharing them with you.”

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Georgia-filmed SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT
(1977). Reynolds will do a Q&A following the 7:00pm screening at the Rome City Auditorium.

Reynolds will also be screening his latest film, DOG YEARS (2017), on Sunday, November 12.
Written and directed by Adam Rifkin especially for Reynolds, the film premiered at Tribeca Film
Festival earlier this year. Mr. Reynolds will be available for a Q&A following the 3:30pm
screening at the DeSoto Theatre.

“No single individual has left a greater mark on Georgia’s film industry than Burt Reynolds,” said
RIFF Executive Director Cameron McAllister. “Mr. Reynolds is an absolute icon in every sense
of the word and we are so privileged to be able to bring him to RIFF.”

Mr. Reynolds’ visit to RIFF and the presentations of both SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT and
DOG YEARS are sponsored by R.H. Ledbetter Properties and the Ledbetter Family.
Reynolds’ feature films include DELIVERANCE, STARTING OVER, HOOPER, BREAKING IN,

On Friday, November 10, Mr. Reynolds will hold a Press Conference from 1:00pm – 2:00pm. Location

The 14th annual Rome International Film Festival takes place Thursday November 9 through Sunday
November 12, 2017 at the historic DeSoto Theatre and Rome City Auditorium. Passes are now on sale

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