Monday evening’s Summerville City Council meeting featured two heated exchanges between the council and two candidates for the municipal elections, Chris Nixon and Michael “Preacher” Mack. Before it was all said and done, Buddy Windle would make the remark that he was “tired of a bunch of damn people telling lies”.

During the public comments section at the beginning of the council meeting, mayoral candidate Chris Nixon lobbed several of his criticisms of Mayor Harvey that he has used during his campaign, including the recently broken news of the GBI investigation into the Summerville PD over misappropriated or stolen funds from the Santa in Uniform account.

Mayor Harvey repeatedly refused to engage with Rev. Nixon and his claims during that meeting, seeming to imply that he believed it was not the appropriate location and that some of Nixon’s claims were inaccurate.

AM 1180 has interviewed both candidates for mayor of Summerville on different occasions, and those interviews will be presented back-to-back both on air and online once the editing process is complete.

After Nixon’s comments to Harvey were completed, councilman Buddy Windle frankly asked Nixon, “Why were you let go at the credit union,” referring to when Nixon worked at Southeast Federal Credit Union in Trion. He asked if he was fired because he approved too many loans that became delinquent.

Nixon responded by saying that he was not fired, but that he resigned to focus on his ministry full-time, and that Windle’s claim about loans given during his tenure was inaccurate. Windle and Nixon then disagreed over whether much of the information Nixon had presented was accurate or recent enough to be relevant.

The excitement was not over, though. Council candidate Michael “Preacher” Mack, who is challenging incumbent David Ford and candidate Betty Brady for council seat #2, then asked Harvey why the city had contracted parts of reconstruction of the Fairway Recreation Center with city employees rather than taking bids for the entire project. Harvey’s response was that it was cheaper to use city employees on the project. When Mack accused the city of not doing enough to provide for the local youth, Harvey dismissed the claim, and cited the Recreation department of an example of how the city is indeed attending the youth,

Councilman Windle then asked Mack why he was “just picking on the Rec.”, which Mack denied. Mack said he took issue with Windle using profanity in a government setting, and that Harvey did not reprimand Windle for it, saying “The city has got a problem”.

Mack ended on a calmer note, saying that he had respect for Windle and the mayor, but that he thought that Fairway Rec. Center is a “pacifier”. Mack said, “A lot of people don’t have the guts to come down here and speak.”

The incident ended with Harvey deciding it was time to move on, and for the back-and-forth to end. The full conversation has been included below.