Three new school board members were sworn in at the Chattooga County Board of Education meeting on Thursday evening and shortly thereafter a majority voted for a return to the five day school week for Chattooga County Schools.

The issue of the five-day school week was discussed frequently during the last election in which the three new Republican board members, Dr. Julia Houston, Sammy Ballard and Brad Hayes, defeated the Democratic incumbents.  All four Republicans on the board – including John Agnew who was elected in 2016 – voted for the return to the five-day school week.  The loan Democrat on the BOE, John Turner was outnumbered and abstained from the vote.

Despite Mr. Ballard and Mr. Hayes telling the local paper this week that they didn’t favor a hasty return to the five-day week and instead indicating that they wanted to form a study committee to find out more about how well the four-day week had worked, they joined with Dr. Houston and Mr. Agnew in doing away with the four-day week.

The meeting was well attended by the public, all with an interest in seeing what the new board would do regarding the four-day week.

Superintendent Jimmy Lenderman will now develop a budget and a school calendar reflecting the five-day school week, which will begin in the fall of 2019.

In other business, the Board of Education voted John Agnew as chair and Sammy Ballard as vice-chair.