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A Chattooga County couple reported a case of financial transaction credit card fraud to the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Department.

Pats Ledbetter, of an Orchard Hill Road, Summerville address, told a responding deputy that her husband had began receiving e-mails in reference to a Best Buy Visa account in his name.  She advised the deputy that they did not have an account with Best Buy.  The couple had received several e-mails about recent purchase made on the card and an e-mail from the credit card company saying that the e-mail address on the account had been changed.

The Ledbetters were able to track the purchase to an address in Honolulu, Hawaii.  They called the police department in Hawaii to advise them of the fraudulent activity.  The police department in Honolulu told them to make a report with local law enforcement.

An address for the suspect was given to the responding Chattooga County Deputy and the case has been turned over to an investigator.