Jesse Blalock (left), Jorja Cooper (top right) Mia Crider (bottom left)

Several Chattooga County Agriculture students have advanced to state competition.  The students have submitted their “Supervised Agricultural Experience” for judging.

The supervised agricultural experience (SAE) program involves real-world agricultural activities done by students outside of planned classroom and laboratory time. SAE’s provide a method for students to receive practical career skills in a part of agriculture in which they are interested.

Jesse Blalock – Jesse’s project is in Agriculture repair and maintenance entrepreneurship, Jesse got 1st in region and is one of the select few to make it to state competition.

Jorja Cooper – Jorja’s project is in Dairy Production – placement, Jorja got 1st in region and Is one of the select few to make it to state competition

Mia Crider – Mia’s project is in Agriscience – plant systems, Mia got 2nd place in region and will be awarded for this accomplishment at the Area 1 FFA banquet in May.