Chattooga County Tax Commissioner Joy Hampton has a question for Chattooga County taxpayers, and she is asking for people to give their input when they come in to pay their taxes this year.

The Tax Commissioner is currently working on the tax digest and getting tax bills ready to go out.  Currently taxes are due in December, but Hampton wants to know if there would be public interest in having the tax due date moved back to November 15th – starting in 2019.

Tax Commissioner Hampton says, “Getting the digest together is no easy task, but I hope to be ready to get bills out soon, so that tax payers can start paying earlier (and not be hit so hard at Christmas). If it continues to go well, I’d like to conduct a poll with my citizens. Would Chattooga County taxpayers rather see tax bills due on December 1st or November 15th (beginning 2019)?”

Hampton said that would be contingent on getting everything finalized and approved by the state in time for the earlier date. Also, the tax commissioner says that an  earlier date will mean earlier Fi Fas (liens).

Tax Commissioner Hampton added, “After all, I work FOR YOU and want to improve anything I can for the citizens. So when you come to pay your property tax this year, I want to hear your thoughts! Drop your preference here or stop in to see me. If I can make your wishes happen- I will! Thank you all for allowing me the chance to serve as your tax commissioner. “