Chattooga County residents are running out of time to appeal their 2017 property tax assessments.

With Chattooga County Taxpayers facing a 30% jump in their property taxes, they may want to take notice that this coming Monday, August 14th is the deadline to file an appeal for your 2017 property tax assessment.

Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters is proposing a huge property tax increase and Tax Commissioner Joy Hampton said that has a lot of taxpayers in Chattooga County coming by her office wanting to pay their tax bills now.  Hampton says it is important for taxpayers to understand that the assessment notices that went out in the mail earlier this year have an “estimated tax” printed on them, but that number is based on last year’s millage rate.  You cannot pay your 2017 taxes until the tax notices go out October 1 reflecting the likely increase in millage rate that is being proposed by the county’s sole commissioner.

Those taxpayers who wish to appeal their assessment have 45 days from the time the assessment notices are sent out to file and appeal. That means if you want to file an assessment appeal you have until close of business on Monday to do so.