Two children were removed from a home in Summerville last week after law enforcement responded to a call about a domestic incident.

Due to the sensitive nature of the facts in this story, we are not providing the address nor any names associated with the incident.

According to a report, Summerville Police responded to the call last Friday and when they arrived at the home in Summerville they found a woman passed out in a chair and two small children who were not being looked after.  The officer called Chattooga County DFCS who arrived on the scene.

When they were able to get the woman, who was the mother of the children, to come too, she said that she and her husband and “shot up with meth” earlier that day.  The woman’s husband was incarcerated on drug charges earlier that same day and the woman had been passed out for a period of time.

Officers took the woman for medical treatment and the children were removed from the home by DFCS.