Hunter Hines, a cranio warrior, is working alongside his family to raise awareness for a condition known as Craniosyntosis. Hunter, born with this condition, wants to give back to the non profit that so generously gave to him during his surgery.

Craniosyntosis is the premature fusion of an infant’s skull, a condition that Hunter Hines was born with. Hunter is an active 2 year old from Chattooga County participating many activities including his balance bike and running around chasing his siblings.

(before Hunter’s surgery)

At 8 months old, Hunter underwent CVR (cranio vault repair) a surgery which required a zig zag incision ear to ear, removal of his skull and reshaping of his skull before replacing it. The surgery lasted 5 hours with Hunter’s family waiting patiently for good news. Hunter has since made a full recovery and is working with his family to honor the organization that helped him before his surgery.

(following Hunter’s surgery)

Cranio Care Bears is a non profit that provides care packages for each cranio warrior before their surgery day. Hunter, a recipient of one of these packages, is celebrating his upcoming 2nd “cranioversary” and in honor of Hunter and Cranio Care Bears, the Hines family is collecting donations and items for Cranio Care Bears and their care packages.

Hunter and his family will be set up at the Trion Park on Friday, May 25th at 6:00 pm in order to collect items and donations and to celebrate Hunter and his journey.

The following items are needed:

Socks for mom and baby, toiletries, toys, teethers, snacks, gum, chap stick, body wash, tissues, blankets, pillow cases, prayer chains, etc.

For more information on what you can do to help, please visit: