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A Georgia lawmaker says it’s time to leave the clock alone and to stay on daylight saving time.  Representative Wes Cantrell, who represents Cherokee County, said Georgia shouldn’t be bouncing back and forth with the time.

WSB TV in Atlanta reports that this past Wednesday, Cantrell submitted a proposal to stay on daylight saving time or standard time.  Cantrell says that Daylight Saving Time is antiquated and why he’s submitted the bill to keep us on one time.

Representative Cantrell told WSB, “Hey, this is ridiculous, and let’s do something about it. I think it’s just one of those things we’ve just become accustomed to. It’s a hassle, but that’s they way it is, you know? We just live with it.”

Cantrell said his proposal won’t see any action this year, but he is working to get a proposed amendment with three different options on the ballot in 2020. If the majority of voters want to stay on daylight saving time, the state would have to get federal approval. If the public votes to stay on standard time, the change could be made with just voter approval, Cantrell said.

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