Georgia Governor Brian Kemp campaigned heavily on Second Amendment issues and with “constitutional carry” on the minds of Georgia legislators, the governor says that he will take a “wait and see approach” on current legislation.

A bill is currently making its way through the Georgia legislature that would allow Georgians to carry concealed weapons with no permit needed.  When asked this past week about the bill, Governor Kemp said, “I’m not really commenting on that. There’s all kinds of pieces of legislation that are in. I’ve said and I’ll continue to be a strong supporter of the second amendment. I hunt and I shoot and I carry. I won’t just support, but I’ll advocate. We’ll see what the legislature wants to roll out this year. My positions from the campaign have not changed.”

The bill is receiving push-back from both Democrats and Republicans.  Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston has made it plain that he is not in favor of the bill passing.  The Speaker says that he is a supporter of the Second Amendment, but has resisted efforts to push the idea through the legislature.

Locally, Chattooga County Sheriff Mark Schrader told WZQZ News that he supports constitutional carry.  Sheriff Schrader told WZQZ News last week, “I support constitutional carry. I believe that we should seek tougher penalties for violations of current firearm crimes.  In my opinion, law abiding gun owners are not the problem.”

The Georgia Sheriff’s Association echoes the views of Sheriff Schrader.  The GSA says, “The sheriffs took an oath to support the Constitution and will stand by the Second Amendment.  The sheriffs will aggressively oppose federal or state legislation which infringes upon law-abiding citizen’s right to bear arms.  The sheriffs further agree to support any legilsation that would efectively penalize criminals to use firearms in the commission of crimes.”