Investigators with the state fire marshal’s office believe that a fire at Georgia 4-H’s Rock Eagle Camp Chapel was caused by a faulty electrical system.  The Georgia 4-H Foundation is asking for donations to help salvage the historic stone chapel.

Laura Perry Johnson is the Associate Dean for Extension at the University of Georgia and says that they have received a lot of message of concern over the fire that happened on Saturday evening.  Johnson said, “Our hopes are to be able to salvage the beautiful and special stone façade. We will keep you posted as other details become available. We do not expect many updates until experts have a chance to make assessments. Thank you again to everyone for caring! Rock Eagle is a special place!”

The Georgia 4-H Foundation says, “We were fortunate there were no injuries. However, the interior, windows and woodwork are damaged beyond repair. Luckily, some of stone exterior can be salvaged and restored. We hope that you will contribute to the restoration of this beautiful and historic building.”

Chattooga County Extension Agent Rebecca Thomas told WZQZ News, “The Rock Eagle chapel holds a special place in my heart.  I have hundreds of fond memories there from attending vespers, to attending public speaking events, to sharing a quite moment with 4-Hers in both joy and disappointments, the chapel was a perfect place to gain insight and reflection. It’s one of those places that had a distinct smell and feel that makes you feel like you’re home.”

You can follow this link to donate towards restoring the chapel at Rock Eagle –  Georgia 4-H Foundation