Hurricane Florence has been downgraded to a Category One storm, but that doesn’t mean that she won’t pack a punch on the Carolina Shore.  North Carolina’s governor is urging residents not to let their guard down and to be prepared for a lot of rain and high winds.

Florence is expected to come on shore in the next few hours.Once Florence comes ashore, the winds will be able to relax, but the rainfall amounts will continue to rise. Furthermore, the rivers may crest days later creating more flooding threats for areas away from the coastlines.

The storm is only forecast to move less than 200 miles to the west by Saturday morning. Once the eye of the storm comes ashore sometime Friday, Florence’s wind will then begin to weaken rapidly. However, the rain potential will remain.

The storm will not have much impact on the weather in Northwest Georgia, but the Georgia Red Cross and Georgia Power are standing by to assist neighboring states when the storm impacts those areas.