Trion Police Arrest Man for Stalking and Aggressive Driving
Written by Jimmy Holbrook   
Wednesday, 01 February 2017
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An incident of road rage and stalking lead to the Trion Police Department taking warrants out on a Summerville man.

Trion Officer Pete Farmer received a call from 911 last Thursday at 8:40 PM to advise that a driver in a black, Dodge truck was being followed by an SUV.  When Officer Farmer was able to make contact with the vehicles, they were parked at the Trion track field.

Officer Farmer said that as he pulled in to the track field, the black truck drove away.  Farmer then spoke with the driver of the SUV, identified as Billy Joe Dooley.  Farmer asked Dooley what he was doing and Dooley replied, "Nothing."  Officer Farmer explained to Dooley that the driver of the black truck said that he had been following him from Summerville flashing his bright lights.

At that point Dooley told Officer Farmer that the driver of the black truck was seeing Dooley's ex-wife.  Officer Farmer told Dooley not to be following people and harassing people that were talking to his ex-wife.  Officer Farmer told Dooley to stay at the track field while he went and talked to the driver of the black truck.

Officer Farmer then went to Gray Street in Trion and spoke with the driver of the black truck.  When Officer Farmer asked the man why Billy Joe Dooley would be following him the man replied, "He thinks that I am seeing his old lady."

When Officer Farmer spoke with Dooley, he once again told him not to be following people or harassing them.

As a result of the incident, the Trion Police Department took out a warrant against Dooley charging him with aggressive driving and stalking.  Investigator Shannon Goins with the Trion Police Department told AM 1180 that Dooley turned himself in on Tuesday of this week as a result of the warrants.