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Authorities are investigating the death of an inmate at Hays State Prison, and the family of the inmate doesn’t believe the prison’s claim that it was a suicide.

The investigation comes following the apparent suicide of Charles Lee Broady, 41, which he committed in his cell around 7 PM on November 15, according the Hays State Prison.

Broady had reportedly been moved to a part of the prison called Tier 1 that is segregated from the general population as punishment for disobeying commands to stop talking from a prison guard. However, inmates in Tier 1 can still have roommates, and Broady did at the time of his suicide.

Broady’s family say that they hadn’t heard from Charles in about a month. They were notified of his death on the 16th the day after his death. The family said that they want to know how long it took a corrections officer to check Charles’ cell, and they want to hear the roommates account of the events leading up to the suicide.

At the time of his death, Broady was in the process of suing the prison because his face had allegedly been slashed in a gang-related fight, and a court date had been set for December 18. His family does not believe the he would kill himself.

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