Chattooga County School Superintendent Jimmy Lenderman resigned on Friday afternoon, and only one Chattooga County Board of Education member has responded to a request for comment on the superintendent’s resignation.

Lenderman said that he was quitting the position after serving since 2011 because a “caustic situation” had developed between the current board of education and the parents.  Lenderman told WRCB TV in Chattanooga on Friday that he could no longer serve with a board of education that refused to hear the voice of the people.

Lenderman’s resignation came on the heels of the resignation of board of education member John Turner who told the others on the board that there was “no need” for him to be on the board of education after the other members voted to strip an item on the agenda at Thursday night’s meeting that would have allowed for more discussion on the switch from a four-day school week to a five-day week.

Superintendent Lenderman said in his resignation letter to the board of education that he wished he could stay he does not want to be associated with the current board of education.

WZQZ News reached out to the Board Chairman John Agnew for a response about the superintendent’s resignation, but did not hear back from Agnew or Board Member Sammy Ballard.  Dr. Julia Houston did return our message requesting comment.  Houston said that she appreciated our request, but at this time she has no comment on Lenderman’s resignation.  Only, Board Member Brad Hayes responded to our request for a comment about the resignation.  Mr. Hayes commented, “I have admiration and appreciation for Mr. Lenderman. I wish he would stay and help us unite in these demanding and difficult times.” You can read his complete comments below:

I’d like to thank WZQZ for reaching out to me for my thoughts on the retirement of Mr. Jimmy Lenderman. He has served our country and our county with many years of dedicated service. I, like Principal Jeff Martin, always found his connection to President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan very interesting. I admired and appreciated how President Reagan led our country, even during the most demanding and difficult times. I have admiration and appreciation for Mr. Lenderman. I wish he would stay and help us unite in these demanding and difficult times. In their own way, President Reagan and Mr. Lenderman have a way with words. One reason I decided to run for the school board was to have the opportunity to get to know and work along side of Mr. Lenderman. I have the utmost respect for our Superintendent, and I wish him the best in his retirement. As a newly elected school board member, I found it easy to email him with concerns or questions. He responded in a timely fashion, and he always offered wise advice. He shared with me one time, “learn to have thick skin.” When I heard of his retirement intentions, I asked Mr. Lenderman, “Are you sure you want to retire?” I will honor whatever decision Mr. Lenderman makes in regards to his future.