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A bill in the Georgia Senate could steeply increase state legislators pay. Sponsors of Senate Bill 81 said they want state legislators salaries to reflect the annual median household income in the state of Georgia. Senate Bill 81 could increase state legislators pay from just over $17,000 to more than $56,000.  But State Representative Eddie Lumsden says that he would oppose the idea.

Sponsors of the bill say that Georgia has the sixth lowest paid legislature in the nation.  Right now, house and senate members receive $17,300 per-year in salary.  They also get a $119 per-day per-diam while the legislature is in session.

Representative Lumsden doesn’t think much of the bill and indicated that it probably wouldn’t make it through the legislature this session.  Lumsden told WZQZ News, “Any representative of senator can propose a piece of legislation. It doesn’t mean it is going to go anywhere. It is dead on arrival in my estimation.  I certainly do not support it.”