Last Thursday, 22-year-old Trion man Miguel Massey-Pierce was arrested for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

Around 2:30 PM, a sheriff’s deputy pulled over a Chevy Lumina near Mohawk on Hwy. 100 because the passenger side of the front windshield had a large, softball-sized crack in it.

Reports say that as soon as the traffic stop began, the deputy could smell marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. He asked driver Miguel Massey-Pierce and his female passenger if anyone had been smoking marijuana in the car or if they had any marijuana in the car, which the passenger denied but Massey-Pierce admitted to, saying it was his. There was also a child in the backseat.

Massey-Pierce produced a white plastic baggie with pot in it from the armrest compartment of the front seat. A search of the car also produced a brown blunt wrapper in the same armrest compartment with more weed in it. When asked, the female passenger admitted to smoking the pot. She was not arrested, but was advised to have someone pick her, the child in the backseat, and the car up.