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The Chattooga County Chamber of Commerce has hired a new executive director to replace outgoing director Silvia Keziah, who was director from Fall 2014 until this past May. Keziah will be succeeded by Cindy Rivers of Warren County, Georgia, which is about 50 miles due east of Augusta.

The county will be adding funds to the Chamber’s budget to assist in paying Rivers’ salary.  Rivers will be working as the director of the chamber and also filling the role formally held by outgoing Economic Development Director Phil Cavin.

News broke Wednesday that Winters has dissolved Cavin’s  position a Economic Development Director for the county.  According to Cavin, the commissioner said that he could no longer afford to pay for the position.  The commissioner had not given any indication in the past that there was any problem paying for the position created for Mr. Cavin over the past thirty months.

According to figures obtained by WZQZ News from Commissioner Winters’ office, Cavin was receiving a salary of $47,000 per year.