Chattooga County Sheriff Mark Schrader says that a suspect wanted for raping a woman in Chattooga County is now in custody.  We will have more information as it becomes available.

Sheriff Schrader told WZQZ – AM 1180 Local News that the suspect was taken into custody in LaFayette.

The sheriff said that the LaFayette Police Department and Georgia State Probation worked with his department in getting the suspect to come to a meeting in LaFayette where he was taken into custody by Sheriff Schrader and deputies from Chattooga County.

The suspect is being interviewed this afternoon by Chattooga County Investigator Jason Burrage and agents from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The sheriff says that Presley is believed to have lured a woman to his home after offering to help her with car trouble.  The woman was able to escape earlier this (Thursday) morning

Sheriff Schrader says that more information about the incident that led to the arrest of sixty-four-year-old George Walter Presley will be released later this evening.

Presley is a convicted sex offender who was living on Filter Plant Road in Chattooga County.  According to the Georgia Sex Offender Registry, Presley was convicting of raping a child in Texas.