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The runoff election for two state offices is coming up on this Tuesday, December 4th. There are two offices that will be decided by voters.

For Secretary of State, voters will pick between Brad Raffensperger (R) and John Barrow (D) for Secretary of State. Raffensperger is a former state representative and John’s Creek City Councilman, and Barrow is a former U.S. Representative.

The runoff was triggered because neither major party candidate received 50% of the vote in the November General Election, with Raffensberger leading Barrow by just over 16,000 votes (%0.4). This occurred largely because Libertarian candidate Smythe Duvall received a larger portion enough portion of votes. Duvall, not qualifying for the runoff with just over 2% of the total vote, has endorsed Barrow in the runoff election; Duvall said that Barrow’s views on needed reforms in the Secretary of State’s office line up closely with his own .

The race for Public Service Commissioner is down to incumbent Public Service Commissioner Chuck Eaton (R) and Lindy Miller (D).

Early voting was held all last week, Monday through Friday, at the county Registrar’s office.