The Santa in Uniform Tournament wrapped up on Saturday, and organizers say that the even raised over $6,000 for the organization.  Also, Santa in Uniform announced the winners of their logo design contest recently.

A few weeks ago, Santa in Uniform had a contest that asked people to design a new logo to be used on T-shirts that are sold by the group.  The winners were to get a Wal-Mart Gift Card from Santa in Uniform.  Two winning designs were chosen, with one logo to go on the front of T-shirts and another on the back.  The winning designs were made by Ashley Pickle and Charlie Rutledge.

In the tournament this past week, the winners were the 5-6 Year Old Co-ed “Reds”; the 7-8 Year Old Tiger Girls and the 7-8 Year Old Braves Boys.

The tournament raised $6,072.30, which the group says will be used for kids Christmas later this year.