The Chattooga County Board of Education met with the school district’s attorney over the weekend at the central office, according to reports.  The four remaining board members were seeking council from the attorney as they search for someone to fill the position of John Turner who resigned from his position, saying that he would be a “fifth wheel” on the school board.

Board of Education Chairman John Agnew has stated that anyone is welcome to apply for the position that is now open, but also said that the board would most likely appoint someone that is in agreement with the direction of the current board.  That means, the new board member will likely be a supporter of the five-day school week.

The vacant seat will be up for a vote in November of 2020 along with the seat held by Mr. Agnew.  Agnew is the subject of a recall petition that is pending an appeal in Chattooga County Superior Court.

The next Board of Education meeting is scheduled for this coming Thursday, April 18th at the Chattooga High School cafeteria.  A work session will get underway at 6 PM and the regular meeting will follow.