In a press release from the Georgia Senate, a bill has cleared the state senate that would clear up “vagueness” in law concerning school bus passing.

Senate Bill 25 addresses language confusion in last session’s House Bill 978 which allowed for drivers to pass a stopped school bus on a road or highway divided by only a turn lane. Not only has this vagueness caused uncertainty for drivers and law enforcement, but many say that  it has also put schoolchildren at risk.

The current bill states that the presence of a barrier a car cannot travel across – a grass median, unpaved area or physical barrier – is the only lawful condition when a vehicle can pass a stopped school bus on the other side of the road.

Now that SB 25 has passed through the Senate, it must be approved by the House of Representatives and then by the Governor.  Language in the bill would make it effective immediately once it is signed by Governor Kemp.