A sheriff’s employee was recently fired after an investigation revealed him to be a man accused of exposing himself to women from his car.

Trion Police Chief Jason Kellett says the first report came from a young woman saying a man driving a silver Honda car “exposed himself” while driving down Chestnut St. in Trion. Then, last Thursday, a similar incident occurred to a 17-year-old CHS student getting off the school bus on Orchard Hill Rd. in Summerville, according to Chattooga County Sheriff Mark Schrader.
Sheriff Schrader said, “She turned and there was a male exposing himself to her. She gave pretty much the same description (of the driver and vehicle)”.
An investigation led to more eyewitness accounts, and eventually a license plate number turned up. Chief Kellett said, “When we ran the tag number, it came back to an employee of the sheriff’s department.”
That employee was 23-year-old Brandon Siffles of Summerville. He worked in the jail, but was fired shortly after his identity was learned as part of an internal, administrative, non-criminal review. No charges have been filed, but the sheriff’s department is conducting an official investigation. Siffles reportedly now works at Mt. Vernon in Trion.
Trion police located Siffles by patrolling at and around Chestnut St. around the time of the first incident to see if the driver would return. Sure enough, between 4 and 5 PM, Siffles’ silver Honda arrived, and though he was not exposing himself at the time, Chief Kellet said, “His belt was not completely hooked.”
“The actions of this officer have certainly shed a bad light on the employees and staff of the sheriff’s office,” said Sheriff Schrader. “We are all disappointed in his behavior and his conduct. While I don’t understand the ‘why’ or ‘how,’ I certainly understand that his fellow employees and the citizens of this county expect and deserve much better conduct from someone who is employed at this office. I conducted an administrative investigation upon learning of the allegations and terminated his employment”.