A man found dancing in the street in Summerville will be getting the help he needs from the Georgia Division of Aging Services – Adult Protective Services after he was found to be living alone, unsupervised.

According to a Summerville Police Department report, the man was found dancing in the northbound lane of Highway 114 in Summerville shortly before 11 PM on Monday night of this week.  An officer spoke with the man and found out that he was not intoxicated, but did suffer from a mental disorder.  The officer advised the man to stay out of the road.

Later that same night, the man was dancing on Commerce Street near First National Bank.  A short time later, the man was found dancing near Bryant and Sons Lumber Company.

Officers discovered that the man was living alone after his elderly mother had been placed in a nursing home.  The Summerville Police Department took the man home to where his mother was living at Saratoga Courts and contacted Georgia Adult Protective Services to get him the help that he needs.