Summerville City Councilman Joe Money would like to see an end to the practice of leaving dogs tied up on chains and leashes inside the city limits.  The councilman is planning to introduce an ordinance at tonight’s Summerville City Council to make “tethering” of animals illegal.

Councilman Money told WZQZ News that he has been studying the idea for some time.  Money says that there are far too many pets that are being left chained and oftentimes in poor living conditions because the city has no ordinance prohibiting the tethering of animals.

Money has looked at a similar ordinance that is in place in the Town of Trion.  Trion’s policy went into place last summer.  The Town of Trion told WZQZ News that they have issued two citations for violations of the ordinance since it was enacted.  Trion Police Chief David Gilleland told WZQZ News that since he has been police chief, no citations have been issued, but he has had to send officers out to give pet owners warnings about the ordinance.  Chief Gilleland said that in the cases where pet owners were informed about the tethering ordinance, they have taken steps to be compliant with the town’s ordinance.

Councilman Money said that he has a power-point presentation prepared for tonight’s Summerville City Council meeting and will be outlining the tethering ordinance he is proposing to the other city council members.  Councilman Money said that the city needs tougher ordinances when it comes to animal treatment.  Money told WZQZ News, “What the city has now for animal cruelty is too vague. We have to do a better job of defining what is expected.”

WZQZ News will have more on the Summerville City Council meeting in upcoming newscasts.