Home to one of only a few operating train turntables in the southeastern United States, Summerville is truly a step back in time for train and history buffs alike. The City of Summerville is currently gearing up for its annual “Steam into Summerville Railroad Days”. The 6 week celebration will usher in fall and visitors of ages, while bringing a wide array of festivities to Summerville’s Dowdy Park and the Summerville Depot.

The Tennessee Valley Railroad’s Summerville Steam Excursion is set to arrive at the historic Summerville Depot each Saturday beginning October 6 through November 11. Steam engine passenger trains are also set to arrive at the depot on 3 Sundays; October 21, 28 and November 11. Train arrivals and the turning of the antique steam engines are a highlight at each scheduled festival. Tickets for these excursions are purchased through the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum at www.tvrail.com . These vintage train rides follow a historic route from Grand

Junction Station in Chattanooga to the Historic Summerville Depot. A highlight of the “Steam Into Summerville Railroad Days” will be double steam engine arrivals on November 10 and 11.

Summerville welcomes the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum and it’s passengers by opening the historic depot to the public and with activities, entertainment, and events planned for each train arrival. Each event hosted is unique to itself.