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Summerville Mayor Harry Harvey says that there are infrastructure improvements that are needed across the City of Summerville, but admits that the city does not have the funds to do all that needs to be done.

The topic came up at Monday night’s City Council meeting as the mayor held a public hearing for the Summerville Community Work Program.  Mayor Harvey said that according to the comprehensive plan developed by the city, they have identified $2.4 million worth of improvements that need to be done, specifically in the Highland Avenue Area.

The comprehensive plan that the city has in place is part of the process for applying for funds from the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, which administers Community Development Block Grants for infrastructure improvements.

When questioned about the $2.4 million figure, the mayor quickly pointed out that the city does not have the $2.4 million for the improvements and that the funds would have to come from grants.  Harvey stated, “that is language in that terms (of the comprehensive plan) that we probably need $2.4 million to make these improvements. We don’t have those moneys to be doing that.”

The mayor went on to say that the city is identifying other areas that need infrastructure improvement as well.  “We are also looking at water improvements, as far as the water system…water hydrants and those things….all of those things must be a part of this comprehensive plan.”