41-year-old Summerville woman Kimberly Michelle McGuire was arrested Tuesday night when she was found to be driving with less than an ounce of marijuana.

Around 10:30 PM Tuesday, a deputy on patrol pulled over a silver car with defective tail- and headlights at the Trion Water Treatment Plant. According to the deputy’s report, driver 41-year-old Summerville woman Kimberly Michelle McGuire seemed very nervous and was “making drastic movements inside the vehicle”. When asked if she was on probation or parole, McGuire said no, but she had been jailed in the past for meth possession.

When asked, McGuire denied having anything illegal in the vehicle, despite the deputy being able to clearly see several open blunt wraps laying on the floorboard.

McGuire consented to a search of the vehicle and her purse in the car, where the deputy found marijuana and meth.

Per McGuire’s request, Gills Towing towed her vehicle.