Time is just about up for procrastinators — by the end of the day,  Georgia residents must file their 2018 federal tax returns if they want to avoid a penalty from the Internal Revenue Service. Unlike previous years, when local holidays gave taxpayers a little extra time to file, the 2019 date falls squarely on April 15.

Georgians are urged to e-file because it’s the most secure and efficient way to submit a tax return; generally taxpayers will receive their state refunds within three business days, the IRS says.

For those who prefer to file their tax returns the old fashioned way and mail their forms to the IRS, the return must be postmarked by the filing date deadline. The federal tax return filing deadline is today, April 15 and the extension deadline is October 15.

Taxpayers can fill out IRS form 4868 to get an automatic extension of time to file their returns. However, the IRS warns that an extension to file does not mean an extension of time to pay any taxes owed.

According to the United States Postal Service, taxpayers should check the IRS website for where to mail a tax return. The destination and return address should be written clearly on the package. The USPS also says to ensure the right amount of postage is used or the package will be returned.