AAA is offering tips for parents of teen drivers during National Teen Driver Safety Week, as car crashes continue to be the leading cause of death among teens.

This week is Teen Driver Safety Week and the focus aims to inform parents of the alarming statistics. According to AAA, teen drivers were involved in nearly 14,000 fatal crashes in the past five years.

AAA said that distracted driving has become a large contributing factor to many crashes involving teen drivers. They offer the following tips to help your child not become a part of the statistic:


  • Evaluate your teen’s readiness. Talk with your teen about personal responsibility, ability to follow rules and any other concerns before beginning the learning-to-drive process.
  • Get informed. Graduated driver licensing (GDL), driver education, license restrictions and supervised practice driving are all part of today’s licensing process. Each state sets parameters throughout a multi-stage licensing process for young drivers, such as times of day they can drive and how many passengers they can carry.
  • Start talking now. Talk about the learning-to-drive process.
  • Be a good role model. Make changes in your driving to prevent any poor driving habits from being passed on. Show you take driving seriously.