Last Thursday at Dalton, the Cross Country team competed on one of the most difficult courses they will see all season, even worse than the course they run at state.

The track at Edwins Park in Dalton is composed mostly of hills. The park is almost all uphill; only a quarter of the course is flat.  

Cross Country runner, Parker Railey, finished in sixth place out of all varsity boys, approximately 1:30 behind the first-place finisher, and barely five seconds behind fifth place. In this race, only the first five places receive medals, whereas usually the first ten receive medals.

Railey was proud of his finish: “Coach said if it had been flat, I probably would have run it in 18, which is a school record.” He explained, ”The course is supposed to knock three minutes off the time, but it didn’t knock three minutes off of mine.”  

Parker usually runs a 5k in 20-21 minutes; his time on the hills at Edwins Park was an impressive 21:20.

Adairsville next Thursday will be all hills again. Railey explained how the team will prepare: “We are going to run the hills here at school; we usually run them twice, but we’ll do them more and try to run them faster.”

Article By: Trion Journalism Class