The Williams for Governor campaign rolled into Summerville a little behind schedule on Thursday morning and the candidate arrived without his “Deportation Bus.”

Williams has labeled himself as the governor race’s “Fearless Conservative” and has branded himself as the most pro-Trump supporter in the race for governor.  Williams says that he is largely self-funding his campaign in a crowded Republican Primary.  Williams told AM 1180 that he has steered clear of campaign contributions from “special interest groups” and that gives him a more independent voice.

Williams said his “Deportation Bus” didn’t make it to all three planned stops on Wednesday because of protesters. Williams first stopped in Clarkston and later made it to Decatur, where he was met with what he called “Antifa and radical liberals.” The third leg of his Wednesday tour to Athens was canceled.

Protesters weren’t the reason the bus didn’t make it to Summerville; the bus broke down on I-75 before it could make it to Chattooga County.

A campaign worker with Williams told AM 1180 that they suspected sabotage by “liberal protesters”, saying that they believed someone put water in the bus’s gas tank.

Around six Williams supporters and about the same number of protesters met with Mr. Williams at his campaign stop near Ingles Supermarket in Summerville on Thursday.

Williams is using the “Deportation Bus” to travel through a few cities to bring attention to sanctuary cities and illegal immigration issues.