A Summerville woman reported Sunday that her car and medication had been stolen while she was at a concert by her friend’s son.

Last Sunday around 1 PM, Becky Smith went to the Summerville Police Department to report that her car had been stolen, though she had fortunately already recovered it since.

Smith told an SPD officer that she had been dropped off by her ride at a concert in Catoosa County the prior evening. Around 4 AM that morning, Smith went to pick up her car at her friend Kim Sims’ Commerce Street residence where she had left the vehicle to go to the concert. Smith said that she was told by Sims that Sim’s 25-year-old son John Colbert had taken the car without permission. 

Colbert also allegedly borrowed Smith’s debit card to buy beer and claimed he could not return it to Smith because the vendor had kept the card. However, according to Smith, the card had been used multiple times that night in the Summerville area after the concert, and Smith told the SPD officer that she believes he used it to make several unauthorized transactions.

Smith said that she and Kim spotted Colbert and his friends in the vehicle in the Mountain View Area with Colbert in the driver’s seat, whereafter they retrieved the vehicle and several of Colbert’s friends ran away. Smith gathered all of the items left in the car that did not belong to her as evidence. Smith also said that her prescription medication had been stolen from her vehicle.

The reporting officer secured the evidence at the SPD and was given a date to follow up with the city investigator. The case remains active and under investigation.

*  *  *

Unrelated records from the Sheriff’s Department say that county resident James Tidmore reported his trailer’s license plate lost Tuesday evening. The tag’s number reads TL27248, and Tidmore said it apparently became unattached from his trailer while traveling he was driving south on on I-75 three weeks prior to report.