The idea of a four day school week for Chattooga County School students is being considered by the Chattooga County Board of Education.  Since the announcement that the school board was weighing the possibilities of a four day week as a way to save money, many parents have weighed in on the issue.

Most of the comments seem to be positive with the provision that the students educational time would be used for improving the children’s education.  Some parents are concerned about child-care.  If Chattooga were to implement the four day school week students would be off school every Monday.

Currently Chattooga County students go to school from 7:50 – 3:08 PM.  Under the four day schedule students would go to school from 7:45 AM until 3:37 PM – extending the day by 36 minutes.  The move would affect around 2,800 students and 250 teachers in the Chattooga County School system.