Pennville resident Ronald Smith is gathering signatures to submit a petition to change Chattooga County government.  Mr. Smith spoke at the Chattooga County Commissioner’s meeting during the public question time provided by the commissioner at each meeting. Smith said that he is gathering the names to submit to law-makers to change the government of Chattooga County from a one man commissioner to a five person board of commissioners with a county manager.

Georgia is the only state in the Union that still has the sole commissioner form of government that harkens back to colonial times.  Chattooga County is one of only 13 counties in Georgia that still has the sole commissioner form of government.  In the past many Chattooga County residents have expressed that due to the small size of the county, the sole commissioner form of government was best – but times and minds may be changing.

Mr. Smith said that he plans to have the petition at various locations throughout the county including Trade Day, Wal Mart and Ingles for people who agree with him to sign.  Mr. Smith also said at Tuesday’s meeting that he would like to see liquor by the drink, or a pouring license, legalized in Chattooga County.