Chattooga County Animal Control is a shelter operated by the local government. It houses impounded, lost, abandoned and unwanted animals of Chattooga County.

Adopting a friend

Chattooga County Animal Control has many adoptable cats and dogs. The adoption fee for female dogs is $85.00, male dogs $75.00, female cats $50.00 and male cats $40.00. The adoption fee covers the neutering/spaying at our local vet and rabies shot for the animal at our local vet. If you are from out of the area, you can adopt for $25, and send back proof of spay or neuter. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE IN ADOPTING THESE ANIMALS therefore a prompt response is vital for anyone interested in adopting from us. The county ordinance requires that animals only be kept for 5 days. Please call us at 706-857-0679 for more information