Last year the agricultural community in Chattooga County began the planning stages for a new project in Chattooga County that would serve the needs of local ag producers and ag students in Chattooga County.  Organizers are planning an new Ag Center that would serve as a place for ag shows and other events.

On Tuesday evening of this week the Ag Committee met to discuss plans to go forward with the first phase of the project.  Chattooga County High School Ag instructor Lynn Hall told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio that the committee is planning to build the pavilion part of the project.  The pavillion will be available for many uses by the community as well as a place for livestock shows and use by area agricultural producers.

Last year former Chattooga County Commissioner Mike Dawson had placed $50,000 in the county budget for the project and the Chattooga County Board of Education agreed to donate the land for the project near the Summerville Middle School.  In addittion the Chattooga County Farm Bureau and the Chattooga County Young Farmers are contributing to the project.

Hall told AM 1180 that the first phase of the project should be completed sometime next year and will include the pavilion and restroom facilities.