Congressman Robert Aderholt recently announced his support for the Textile Enforcement & Security Act.

At a press conference – Aderholt said that the U.S. textile industry, depends on strong customs enforcement for its livelihood, but the industry has noticed a sharp increase in illegal trafficking and that by failing to ensure proper enforcement of trade obligations the government continues to damage the ability of U.S. manufacturing to compete in a global marketplace.

Adderholt went on to say, that the U.S. textile industry has closed more than 500 textile plants in the United States and north Alabama in particular, has suffered greatly, referring to the sock manufacturing plants in Ft Payne.

Adderholt said it`s time to take action in regard to protecting our domestic textile companies – and that`s why he was a co-sponsor of the Textile Enforcement & Security Act which he says is the first ever textile-specific customs enforcement bill and it`s one that`l help to protect jobs in Alabama and other states that rely heavily on the textile industry.

Ft Payne Times-Journal