Law Enforcement Officials are now one step closer to finding out the identity of a decomposed body discovered near Sand Rock back on October 1st.

Forensics Expert Mark Hopwood said investigators have a good feeling they have a positive identity on the body of the female who is apparently from Virginia – Hopwood says that it has also been discovered that the husband of the woman committed suicide in Texas.

According to Hopwood an arm bone was sent to a DNA Crime Lab in Texas on Monday October 10th in order to get a positive ID.

Two individuals who were out scouting hunting land, in the area near Tabor Road discovered the body that Saturday afternoon and the pair quickly notified authorities.

Cherokee County Sheriff Jeff Shaver said that the body was so badly decomposed that it was impossible to determine the gender – however, following preliminary results from the States Forensics Crime Lab in Huntsville, it was determined that the body was female.

The case remains under investigation as authorities attempt to determine the exact cause of death along with the name of the individual