A Gaylesville, Alabama man was arrested over the weekend and charged with having drugs in his possession after he was found at a residence that he had been told not to return to.

A complainant on Foster Street in Lyerly caleld 911 on Saturday afternoon and said that twenty-one-year-old Jesse Giddens was on the property and he was not welcomed at the residence. The deputy arrived and explained to Giddens that he need to leave, and asked Giddens if he had any weapons on him.  Giddens told the deputy that he had knife in the waist band of his shorts.

The deputy retrieved the knife and conducted a pat down of Giddens and found a plastic bag with suspected marijuana in it.  The deputy asked Giddens if he had anything else illegal on him and Giddens said there was a marijuana grinder and “there might be some scales” in the backpack that he was wearing.

When the deputy searched the backpack, he found the grinder and the scales.  The scales had marijuana residue and suspected methamphetamine residue.

Giddens was placed under arrest and taken to the Chattooga County Jail for possession of drug-related objects; possession of marijuana less than one ounce and violation of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act for possession of methamphetamine.