Two Chattooga County men were involved in an altercation yesterday near the Tag Office in Summerville.  According to Chattooga County Sheriff Ralph Kellett, both men had just come from the Chattooga County Courthouse where they had been in court in a previous matter. 

The two men ithat were in court were identified as Reginald Ludy of Summerville and Kenneth Busbin II of Summerville.  They had appeared before the judge in court because of an earlier incident where Busbin’s chickens had goten into Ludy’s yard and Ludy’s dog had killed some of the chickens.  Busbin was accused of going into Ludy’s yard and beating his dog that had eaten the chickens.  Busbin had originally been charged with tresspassing and cruelty to animals.  In court on Teusday, Busbin was found guilty only on tresspassing charges. 

After leaving the court room Ludy apparantly had an altercation with Kenneth Busbin’s father near the Chattooga County Tax Office.  Ludy was arrested on charges of battery and the younger Busbin was charged with Disorderly Conduct as a result of the incident.  Sheriff Kellett said more charges may be forthcoming.